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Dynamic Abstract

This shoot was inspired by my Dynamic Abstract series. I showed up early to the shoot and talked with Greg, gave him a few concept ideas. He told me to do what I feel. This reminded me of this series of paintings that I am working on called “Dynamic Abstract” it is a style that ties cityscapes and brightly colored patterns and designs. the finished results looks like the models walked out of one of my paintings. Great job by models De’Shaun Lanieaaa and Shalie.

Body Painter: Leon Rainbow
Photographer: Gregory Maxx
De’Shaun Lanieaaa

Beauty by Design Body Paint Shoot

In this body paint shoot I used design elements like circles and lines. I added some grunge effects, blends and drips. I used a primarily warm palette with greys to offset them and added some metallics for pop. I also experimented with masking and removing areas of paint to create designs. I really like the colored sheer fabric, smoke and lighting that Greg used to make the pictures look amazing. Andi was a pleasure to work with and killed her poses.

Body Painter: Leon Rainbow
Photographer: Gregory Maxx
Model: Andi Phoenix

The Halimah Show – Rock Ya Body with Leon Rainbow

Leon Rainbow, famous graffiti artist, based in Trenton, NJ. Leon Rainbow is a famous artist based in Trenton, who combines graffiti, street art and other artistic forms into innovative projects and events. He reaches out to wide audience, from galleries to the walls of inner cities.